Smart therapeutic system for
Type 1 diabetes

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Diabeloop is a French company developing a disruptive technological innovation to automate the treatment of type one diabetes.


Lift the daily burden caused by the disease and allow patients to finally live the life they want!



Guillaume Charpentier, M.D., launches the medical research project. 12 CHU (University Hospital) are involved.


The Diabeloop SA. company is created by Guillaume Charpentier and Erik Huneker who is also co-CEO with Marc Julien. Diabeloop runs a strong technological research partnership with the CEA-Leti (Technological Research Institute).

2014 - 2018

Several clinical tests involving 150 patients are run, with very promising results.


Public and private funding (13.5 million euros).


Diabeloop has over 30 employees. CE marking, necessary to go to market, is in progress.


A Smart therapeutic assistant that automates Type 1 diabetes treatment.

The DBLG1 system is an external medical device closing the loop between a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and a patch insulin pump.

Our R&D team has been working on the artificial intelligence that brings to life this cutting-edge innovation. The solution is based on complex algorithms that predict future blood sugar level and automates insulin delivery.

Data are sent to a secured server and readily available for the patient and the persons of their choice.

Key features

  • Customisation

    Adjustable parameters that fit the user's physiology.

  • Anticipation

    2h blood glucose forecasting
    Basal insulin self-adjustement / stop
    Predictive alerts before hypoglycaemia.

  • Auto-learning

    Recommendations for treatment optimisation based on collected data.

  • All-in-one management

    One device to monitor insulin delivery, blood glucose and system proper functioning.



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